... And recently we picked up a fantastic treble to make 1,354.57% ROI

November & December looks SET To Be A Lucrative Period For My Bank-Boosting Strategy...

Check out a recent 1,354.57% ROI winning day on the 10th November 2021:

10/11/2021 - BET 1/3 - £3 Treble to WIN - WON (+£98.06)

10/11/2021 - BET 2/3 - £3 Lucky 15 EW - 1 Won, 1 Placed, 2 Lost - LOST (-£2.24)

10/11/2021 - BET 3/3 - £1 Five-Fold WIN - 3 Won, 2 Lost (-£1.00)

In a single day we take £7 and make £94.82 profit for a gain of 1,354.57%

Hi, My name is Daniel Taylor,

I'm here with an exciting way to bet small but win BIG with sensible multiple selections and smart staking!

And as you can see from the 3 bets above you can turn small stakes in to HUGE returns which makes my service an absolute must-have for every punter.

I will deliver 3 hand-picked multiple selections daily which I use the same exact process to turn £7 into £734.06.

Every day I make a habit of following over 50 tipster services looking for standout selections.

I then make my picks for the day creating ONE x £3 treble to WIN. ONE x £3 Lucky 15 Each-Way & ONE £1 five-fold to WIN.

I purposely offset and hedge the Lucky 15 bet with an alternate combination from my WIN only treble and Value odd five-fold.

In just ONE day with a tiny stake of only £7 we made £734.06 profit.

BET 1/3 - £3 Treble to WIN - WON +£72.08

BET 2/3 - £3 Lucky 15 EW - 3/4 Won + 1 x 2nd Placed +£5.33

BET 3/3 - £1 Five-Fold WIN - WON +£649.65

BET 1/3 - £3 Treble to WIN - WON +£72.08

BET 2/3 - £3 Lucky 15 EW - 3/4 Won + 1 x 2nd Placed +£5.33

BET 3/3 - £1 Five-Fold WIN - WON +£649.65

That's +104.87 Points Profit In A Single Day Thanks To An Incredible Sandown Showdown!!!

Imagine, you could bet with just £0.70 per day and make £73 or if you like a flutter, £30 would have generated an amazing return of £3,145.97.

After the impressive results I have already generated with my service, which caught the attention of Best System Bets I am opening up my discounted quarterly access for the general public.

Now YOU too can share my success and enjoy MASSIVE horse racing multi-returns from your betting!

This is how my method works:

3 Multiples selected every day. (1 x Treble, 1 x Five-Fold, 1x Lucky 15)

No more than 3 bets per day and 0.7 point total staking.

Odds of 650/1 have been hit on our high-return five-fold.

Now, on top of all of these rules, I use my vast network of daily tipsters to help determine which selections to include on my multiples.

When I notice many in-form tipsters selecting a similar horse and I agree with the findings, then they will be included in one of my 3 multiple selections.

By Using My Hedge Friendly Multis We Provide More Opportuntities To Profit During Each Week.

All you need to do is follow my email every morning and bet as advised and you too could turn £7 into £734.06

Following my advice will mean you make 3 bets per day (1 x Treble to WIN, 1 x Lucky 15 EW & 1 x Five-Fold to WIN)

How much do I stake on the bets?

1 x Treble to WIN = £3
1 x Lucky 15 EW = £3
1 x Five-Fold to WIN = £1

£7 total would equate to 0.7 point total staking.

Betting with such small amounts will allow you to gain at least 100 times your stake in a successful day like It did so already.


As I mentioned previously, April - July is our best performing period with this strategy and April 2019 was a record-breaker!

The mammoth profit was made from a tiny £7 total stake and this is a HIGH return low strike-rate service - you can profit up to 100 times what we will be laying out for your staking each day so you are set to make HUGE gains.

Betting over the next 12 months I am sure you will pick up some amazing winning combinations to enhance your bankroll and I'll be betting every step of the way with you.

So what I'm willing to offer you is an exclusive discount to test-drive my service so you can see for yourself how good it really is.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much money do I need to invest everyday?

Answer: You can start with as little as £0.70 per day (use £0.10 per point via bookmakers like betfair)

Q2. Will I win every day?

Answer: No, it is unrealistic to expect to win everyday. There will be periods with lots of winners and periods where the service picks up a few losses. As we focus on high-profit multiples each day, we tend to have longer periods where we may not hit lots of winners but when the wins, when the winners come in we pick up huge returns.

Q3. How many selections does Copy The Punter provide each day?

Answer: You will receive THREE multiple selections on a daily basis. 1x Treble to WIN, 1x Lucky 15 EW & 1 x Five-Fold to Win. (Your Lucky 15 selection will always have different selections to the Treble or Five-fold, this enables us to profit when we miss out on trebles and five-folds.)

Q4. How much do I need for a betting bank?

Answer: We recommend you use a 100 point bank. So each days betting is 0.7% of your starting bank.

Q5. What about Customer Support?

The Copy The Punter dedicated customer support team will be at your beck and call. Just send in an email into support@copythepunter.com with your query, and you will be answered asap or within 12-24 hours.


Why only 14 discounted VIP spots?

Because this is a once in a lifetime deal and I'm not willing to give too many discounted trial places away as it's better for me to price the service much higher priced and deal with fewer customers so I can ensure a higher quality support.

When I have all discount subscribers signed up, the price will be available on monthly subscription only at a minimum price of £19.95 per month.


I want you to take my offer seriously and unlike 95% of vendors I am willing to let you test-drive my service for the next 3-months with no strings-attached!

So I will offer you full three-months for only £29.95!
That is an incredible deal and you get to see just how valuable my service can be!


Test-drive my service for the next 3-months or secure a MASSIVE discount.

My Discount and quarterly option will only be available for a short-period of time.


I want to join the Copy The Punter and I agree to the terms.

Only £29.95 for the next 3 Months or get an Exclusive Annual / Lifetime Discount!

Only £29.95 quarterly / £59.95 per year or £99 for Lifetime Access

The discounted options are only available for a short-time only.


"My billing statement will show a charge from ClickNetPro LTD, If I take any of the subscription options I can cancel the service at any time"


We have a world-class customer support team ready to answer any questions.

If you need help with betting or have questions, send in an at support@copythepunter.com

All queries will be answered asap.

Daniel Taylor - CopyThePunter.com


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